Thursday, January 21, 2010


Was not that great of a day for me. I woke up feeling not so good and stayed up late that night. So sitting in school I couldn't pay attention to my photoshopping and couldn't get that much done. So when I got home I took a tylenol and it didn't feel any better. So I had to work on my payload map for tf2 and I might have gotten that done. So when it came time for me to go to work, my mom was like "if you don't feel good don't go to work" but it was already to late to call in. So I showed up and told them I am not feeling so good and they didn't seem to care. So I worked, and it was so shitty (excuse my french) I wanted to explode. So when I got home I had some waffles for dinner and went to bed. I woke up today feeling the same, but I don't have to work. I will do a new post later tonight, maybe promotion? ;)

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