Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New beginnings.

Alright so my last blog idea I had didn't really work out as I planned it too. So I am starting fresh and just going to tell you all about my daily life.

A little about me, I live here with my parents in awesome St. Paul, Minnesota where I am attending school at Brown College and majoring in game design. I am 18 years old and find it that life isn't what it used to be like in high school. College is a great way to expand your life as a human being and to further your knowledge and help society tomorrow. Now why game design you may ask? Well, as soon as I turned 1 year old my parents loved heading up north to my grandparents cabin near Duluth, Minnesota. For them it was vacation and well, me being 1, I didn't really care since I don't remember anything back then. Well anyways, my dad loved to video tape home videos on a ginormous camcorder that he still has and sometimes uses, but this particular video he took was of me and my sister (didn't know the age at the time but I would say she is around 10 or 11) on the couch, both nintendo controllers in our hands and playing super mario bros. Now I'm not saying I was playing it but, I was pretending and I guess it was then, I fell in love with games.

Now today, I have a bit of experience on working on games and with people as well as some industry help that should help me out in the future. I will post more of my memoir in the future but right now I'm pretty tired and need sleep for class in the morning. Rock on central!

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