Sunday, January 17, 2010

Son day

Many things made me happy today. One, the vikings killed dallas! woooo! Second, my team lead FINALLY uploaded pictures I have to photoshop. So now I have something to do. On the other note, last night I got turf tested and good news, Its working out. A few minor bugs set back some stuff such as doors and lack of a defense, but other than that, the new middle was a huge success to stop sniping.

A few problems I noticed was the water. When I added the water back in the older version it was because players had a really hard time dealing with sentries on the over head catwalk. So I added it as a anti-pyro/ obstacle / pathway on both sides to the map. It was working with the older version but not so much with the new version with the added raised catwalk at the top. Players could go from capture point to capture point without peeking outside. So I removed it from going to the point area to the courtyard on both sides.

I also refined the Flag point so players have to "weave" around a glass wall which will help them with sentries. This also will help with better sentry placements as I added two sentry platforms on each side of the point up against the wall and added more cover around the point.

Thats it for today. cya tomorrow!

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