Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Long day

as i slept in english today i was thinking of what to do when i got home.
i worked on promotion for a while and thought id try out autotunes. as i restarted my computer the internet wouldnt work and i was like wtf!!! so i booted up windows vista and the internet work and i knew something was up. i then looked on a news site and they did it, released the anti-piracy update. i was bummed. but good thing i had a free legal copy of 7 from my school im using. so im downgrading to that but in the mean time, im on my laptop and im hungry. for now, see you later!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

so you may be wondering?

i havnt died no.. im not crying anymore.. i just was kinda sick and didnt feel like posting anything. as i missed work yesterday i found myself working on promotion. i got much done and is closing closer and closer to release. yet i havnt tested it out yet im going to show some pics. NOTE THESE PICS ARE IN HAMMER EDITOR!! NOT INGAME!!

so recently i learned a lot of things. im not going into great detail but i think its going to be a while before i made my decision. as everything normalizes im trying to cope with it still. its kind of hard to get over it but it helps to know its not you thats restricting it happening.. anyways..

Sunday, February 21, 2010


i know its been a rough weekend but it all turned out in the end. i have asked around about religion and its mysteries and stuff and now im (i dont know how to say this) just back to normalized kind of feel. yeah things are back to normal, me and you are just friends now like it always has been and i dont know if we can take it further unless i change. but we will have to wait and see about that. i have good friends that could help me change anytime but i dont know if its the time yet. right now im not that religious even in my own religion so who knows what could happen. ive been dieing to try something new to change up my boring lifestyle and i was always interested in others. but we will have to wait and see. after saying that im gonna go to bed at 8:30 pm tonight which is the first time in a long time i have gone to bed before 9 since i was like in grade school. love does crazy things to you doesnt it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

after that just happened.

i feel like theres no point in living. i know i just said that but this has happened to me way to many times in my life. god i hate this world some points. im sorry all, ill go cry in the corner for the week.


you may be wondering what had happened recently. well i told her and she seemed to accept it but i guess we are just gonna have to wait on that.. lets see how this turns out!

Friday, February 19, 2010

its over.

the guessing games are done! im through with it. im alone AGAIN...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ice test

today i worked on making ice in tf2 look like ice. so much time and this is what i got. its going in promotion stage 3 so look for it soon.


your wondering who it is.
keep on guessing. ;)
it might be someone you know.. ;D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


can you fall in these?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Work today, makes me rethink on people. pt2

Well today wasn't that bad of a day as yesterday but I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be worse. This is not how I wanted to spend valentines!! Id rather be sitting at home eating ice cream.. But anyways here is story #2. Just be caution, it might ramble a bit as I am just telling the story from my head.

So another funny thing happened to me today at work. As I was on the 15 items or less I had a black younger female about in her 30's (code name marsha) have about 24 items. While I was bagging her groceries another white female in her 60's (code name peanut) came up to her and started to yell at her for having too many items. She said something like "Do you know that it is so rude for you to have more that 15 items in an express lane?" and marsha replied "you know how rude it is to lash out at me like that??" and then it escalated from there. Marsha kept saying "lets take this outside" after everything Peanut said and she replied "do I have to call the police?? my boyfriend is a cop" and I just sat there doing my job. It kept going on and on and until I got to her order of only 2 items they started to say sorry. And while Marsha left she said to Peanut that she will meet her out in the parking lot. And after that, She left and Peanut started to lash at me saying "why didn't you stop this from happening" and I replied, "ma'am its not my job to stop a fight". so she left in anger and the day was fine the rest of the night. I was a bit shaken up because I get kind of nervous in them situations.

And just a update on the story from yesterday, it may have not seemed all so bad but the daughter was pregnant. In minnesota more babies == more money on foodstamps. That's what angers me. Teenagers getting pregnant just for more government cheese.

oh it feels so good to get that off my chest. valentines day tomorrow!!!!!! and i have to work... this year is the 18th straight year of me being alone. hurray!.. now that i am older it feels kind of bad now.. all the girls i like have a barrier that keeps me from getting to them like shyness and well.. marriage.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Work today, makes me rethink on people.

Now I just need to rant this out. I mean is this really how society is getting today? Okay so today at work I was on the express lane (15 items or less) and what really, really, REALLY makes me mad is when people buy a bunch of candy and stuff THEY DON'T NEED with there foodstamps. What really angers me is that WHAT THERE BUYING WITH. FOODSTAMPS is for people who can't make it through because of money issues. Foodstamps is a card full of money only to be used on food, this money is given out from the government from the tax payers money. AND WHAT DO I PAY 50$ A PAYCHECK? TAX! It just boils me to see my hard earned money go to waste.

Anyways a couple of stories tonight, one being of a sad sad foodstamps story and another a quiet interesting one. Then some good news! :D But first, what saddens me the most is seeing young people use foodstamps. BY YOUNG I mean like lets say 14,15 year old kids. Today a black female came in with her black daughter and was buying some food (good stuff, no junk) and what ripped me to shreds is that the mother was teaching her daughter how to use foodstamps. I MEAN CMON!! TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN THAT THEY WILL BE SLUTS AND LIVE OFF OF TAXPAYERS MONEY??!? This is exactly why I want to move out of minnesota. No Joke, they give it to easy to people. Now why I almost freaked out is because I have seen this before, and it aint pretty.

Okay I will continue to write the other one tomorrow, it will be funnier. But in the mean time, zeeky if you are reading this, I HAVE STARTED BACK WORK ON THE MOD!!!! YAYY!!!! be hoping to get contacted soon!! im just finishing up UVW unwrapping the model and is coming with some concepts.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

A promotion on promotion!

no im not done yet, nor i havnt even started the work on the map itself. Ive been spending my few days creating a layout suitable for the epicness for the map. if you can read this, congrats! but if you can not, look harder.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The time has come!!

It's official!! Tomorrow we are releasing a Beta of our board game at school. We have worked so hard the past 6 weeks on getting things the way we would like it. If you want to have a try at it contact me on facebook or e-mail me at and you might get chosen to try it out for yourself. Please note that in 4 weeks we are going to publicly release the final version and wont be touching it after then. I just need clearance from my lead to let us download it.

The snow has taken a toll on people here. Clogging traffic for a good 2 days and now its finally settled down. Get back to you soon!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Purple Frozen Hair

That is the theme for todays post. just some pictures!!