Saturday, January 16, 2010

Explaining Turf.

When I started making tf2 maps I have always wanted to do every gameplay of maps there are. So ctf_turf was what my variation of capture the flag was. Now I always want to do something to switch up the game so that it doesn't seem just like any other map. For turf I wanted to do a reverse 1 Flag CTF on a small map. So I made it and released it. First impressions were none, the map crashed because servers couldn't handle the map that well. So I released a second version that tried to fix, it worked but the game would end real quick and the map would be over in 3 captures. So I decided to have a 2 Flag Reverse CTF and it worked out! But the map had some flaws so I fixed them. It worked but there were still flaws, at that point I thought this maps gone to hell and bleh.

Until now I brought it back for the tournament because of its smallness and its hope I still have for it. I then fixed a few bugs, added a middle building and switched it back to the old style CTF.

Why is it now different than any other map? Its small. The time it takes you to run from flag to CP is way different than 2fort. Plus this map has a lot more vertical spaces and ledges than any other valve map. Thanks for reading, tommorrow will be a longer post on my life again. BOOORRRINNNG

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