Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today in concept design, we had our presentations. Yesterday after school our group of 5 team members including me got together in the library to discuss our game. As waiting for 2 other teams to present, we found their flaws and took advantage. Finally it was our turn to present. I am telling you it was the best one of our class. I am so proud of our team and how they did. Now we need to get a pre-alpha by next week.

I have 3 current personal projects and 2 of which is for the game team fortress 2. 1 of my projects is pl_promotion. It is a payload type map that is bigger than most valve maps. It will be a 3 stage map with advancing spawns unlike valve payload maps. Another project is for the contest on's Competition ctf maps. I am reviving my map ctf_turf and turning it into a real ctf map and adding more paths and a new middle area. It should begin testing soon.

And for my most dedicated project is a mod for half life 2 orange box engine. Right now we arn't showing any information as we are trying to get all the code and concepts into the game for testing. Once we start testing we will release some media. But for now we giving any info for you.

This leads me to tf2. I don't have much to do tonight and hopefully going to work on ctf_turf, then playing a lot of tf2. see ya tomorrow!

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aLeeNa_xD said...

i wanna play turf~ XD
promotion is a freaking awesumn map!!! woohoo! tf2 :D :D this weekend allll weekend ;)