Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Illiterate People, Retarded Managers, and Waffles

The title is pretty much how my monday was. A lady couldn't write a check so I had to write it for her. I don't get how people sometimes think. After that my manager was fighting with people because we were so busy. She said we didn't have any back up cashiers on hand and we had to deal with 40+ orders with only 3 people cashiering and 1 bagger.

Bah, I need to stomp complaining and look at the good things in life. When I got home I poped some waffles in the toaster and had some pretty tasty waffles for dinner. Then I went to go study this board game for class. While doing that I was talking to giggles and watching this, after I was tuckered out. When the show was over I talked to giggles some more and went to bed. I woke up with my cat at my feet and went to the living room and continued my day.

Today I seen that TF2maps.net is having a Competitive CTF TF2 mapping contest. This is a game mode that has a class limit of 1 medic and 1 demo and only 2 of everything else. There is only 6 players allowed on a team. I was thinking on plans today when I remember my ctf map "Turf" which was a reverse capture map. I am deciding to switch a few things up, making it a normal map, and adding some detail.

Thats it for today. Ill be on tonight, gonna stay after school to work on my game with my dev team.

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