Monday, January 18, 2010

arf arf!

Today is MLK day which means no school and I don't have work. So I am doing homework and thinking.. Today I went with my mom to a mall where there was a pet store she liked and soon she was holding this little puppy. That thing was so freekin cute, my mom wanted it so bad I felt bad not giving it to her. I told her I would share my cat with her but she didn't seem to want it. So now here I am feeling bad not lending her the money for the dog.

Anyways I tested promotion last night with the gang at CalculatedChaos and had lots of fun. Going to make some changes to that map and then some. I will try to get a new version of turf out by tomorrow. If not, the day after that.

Right now I am listening to the tony hawk pro skater soundtracks on youtube. yea..

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