Sunday, January 10, 2010

The paper from hell..

It wont take me that long, I got all the data I need to write it but I'm just not in any mood to write it. Ive always been a great procrastinator in doing stuff, only because I know that there is something funner than doing the paper.

Recently Ive been getting dizzy in rl. I found out that its because of my new glasses I got on friday. I can see again which is amazing but I'm still getting used to it. Driving is a lot easier now because of the new glasses (now i can actually see the signs lol). I find it hard at work because the check out screen is right in front of me and I have to twist a lot because I have to bag the grocery's as well. This gets me more dizzy because of the new glasses have a more strength in numbers (its more stronger) and the vision now wraps around the corners a bit.

And as promised my storyboarding final:

So yeah, Got a C in that class. 24 Panels with as much detail 6 hours does for you :P

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aLeeNa_xD said...

what's going on in the story board o.o