Friday, January 8, 2010


After a year or so when I got counter strike I noticed a really fun looking game that I seen on steam. Turns out it was a mod for half-life 2 and I thought to myself "Gee, I have half-life 2, lets give it a try". Sooner or later I was pumping maps out for that mod. THEN, This guy contacted me and asked if me and him wanted to start a mod of our very own. So we tried and things were going okay on the mapping end, but that's all we had. So after of my partner's inactivity for about a month I started a mod of own and had a few guys help me out and got a little further. Then my programmer suddenly quit and no one was up to help out so we had to shut the doors to that mod. So I started another one (your wondering "why do it again" the answer is "I don't know") and it got even further and more was done and again, the programmer quit half-way during the mod and it died.

So now this takes me to where I am sort of now. I took a few months off and started mapping for team fortress 2 and improved my modeling/skinning/animation skills in 3ds max. Then when I decided to join a mod team I set some limits of the mod that needed help. I went by these rules:

1st. Did the mod have a dedicated team?
2nd. Did the mod need my skill as a game designer?
3rd. Did the mod have a unique concept idea?
4th. Can I relate to the mod without having to study the subject first?

Then some of my own question I asked myself:

1st. Does the mod have programming done enough to be able to finish it?
2nd. Are the members fun and enjoy what they do?

So I searched and searched and stumbled upon Snowball: Source. I worked with them for a while then the main programmer fell ill and the programming crawled. I lost some hope then...An angel appeared. His name was Zeeky and had a very good background in programming and helped us a lot to get things done. But it then took a turn for the worst. Motivation is hard to keep on a project that the leader just sits there and does nothing.

Zeeky and I became really good buds and decided to leave the development team to start our own project. Right now its a secrete project that I can't give anymore details than "bigastni".

Stay tuned!

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