Friday, March 5, 2010

yay new stuff!

so yesterday i bought myself an ipod touch (32 gb) and i love it sooo much. im thinking on getting the sdk and trying out some stuff in designing. i mean ive heard a group of people from my school created there own iphone game company and is making good money.. so why not me? meh

anyways! my new pc parts came today and i hooked them up. OMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i just want to say.. HOLY SHIT! going from 70fps in tf2 to 300fps is amaziinngg!! going from 20fps in bad company 2 to 120 is so kick ass. i can play it again. now we just need EA to stop fucking the servers up.

only problem i have with my new computer is that the processor isn't cooled enough and is hitting temps of 80C +. right now i have my summer fan directly on the mobo itself and its working like a charm but yet my computer sounds like a B-17. along with this, i need a new cd-drive since the new mobo doesn't support the ribbon cord. i have a portable one around here...

this next week is my of the quarter. then i have a week off and then start UE2 level design. But for that week i might be working on a few of my projects. also during my week off, my parents are leaving for arizona so WOO PARTY AT MY PLACE!! lol jk but im gonna hang with the friends.

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z33ky said...

iPod sucks. You can't play FLACs on them. Ogg Vorbis is also not supported.
If I had one, I'd install iPodLinux on it :P

But your new Computer sounds nice. I'll be looking for new hardware in near future myself..