Sunday, March 28, 2010

My first weeks work.

Now as I am taking some actual fun classes. I have put some work in my homework this time around showing my awesome skills at what I do. First off, the basic photoshopping. Our assignment was to make an animal with 20 different animal parts and stick them on a background with as much detail to make it seem like it was a real animal. Here is what I came up with:

lol no thats not a ball sack on its chin.

Okay and next we have 3ds max class. And yes! I have already 2 years of experience with it. Photoshop I learned in 8th grade which was like 6 years ago... So anyways we were supposed to have made a robot out of basic primitives and stuff... Well knowing the perfectionist in me, I decided to make it an edible poly and make something out of that instead. lol DAMN ME!! here it is:
BEST NOT MESS WIF HIM! (yes the sawblades work) Its animated and we do animations in the 3rd quarter of this class and yet its the first week.

Alright and now the fun class! I am learning how to map for Unreal Engine 3 which is the "new" age technology (I still see source is the best game engine out there still). Now I have tried before to make a map in unreal but I never did make a completed one/and or got bored with it. So with this class, I'm deciding to rock there socks with my elite talent of level design. Here is my map:

Next week is Capture the Flag week and maybe you might be seeing a Turf Remake in UT3! BTW I have an extra steam copy of Unreal Tournament 3 if you ask nice I might give it away... ;D


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