Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dream come true... please?

So just a little backstory of whats going on. If you hadn't of noticed, I have an awesome new addition to my life. With that out of the way, the last couple of nights I have been dreaming some pretty awesome stuff. Like what will happen in the future and how its like to really be with you.

Anyways here it goes:
My dream starts out with me talking to you through steam or skype on airplane tickets to come visit you, I find some and purchase them right away. The time comes to come down and finally get to meet you in real life and when I arrive and we meet up, we automatically fall for one another again. We have a great few days together, doing what normal couples do, and time finally comes for me to leave for a while (sad part ): ). Anyways, you gave me a ride to the airport on the day I leave to come back to St. Paul, and we all hug and kiss goodbye to each other. I then walk into the airport and as I was entering she said "See you soon babe!" and she then got in her car and drove off. As I went into the airport and waited in the little area waiting to board the airplane, she hadn't texted me back for a while. I was either worried or happy that she was still driving and not texting, or something had happened. As I entered the plane I walked toward my seat and sitting right next to my seat was you. You told me that you had enough of your old life and wanted to start something new. I freaked out with enjoyment and gave you a giant hug. We then made it back to St. Paul and lived a normal life. Then my head hurted and I woke up.


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aLeeNa_xD said...

oh boy oh boy :O (:
what a beautiful dream...