Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forever young.

In cold reality, everything has to come to an end at some point in life. As I am writing this I am totally stressed out because of whats going to happen soon in the future. My cat is about 14 years old now and has been my right hand man for all of my life. I am not sure how to express how to feel right now about him because I simply don't know what is going to happen to me. He is getting old, His eyes are getting dusty, and his fur coat is getting gray. As I struggle to write this I know for a fact that soon, he will pass away. As I try to calm myself down, I think to myself that where he is going will have all the food he wants. But thats nice for him, now what about me? Who will be my buddy? I have no clue. He gets me through rough times and since my boss at work is threatening my job since I don't have any hours, I am forced to pick up hours with school is going to be rough. I will need someone there for me, and he was it. Knowing soon that it won't I can't keep my mind off it. I know I will progress in life, find a job, meet a nice girl, have a family, but always will he be in the back of my mind for some help. For now, this is just a warning.

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aLeeNa_xD said...

oh my god. im so sorry nick. like you said, he'll be in a better place. poor thing <3