Saturday, February 13, 2010

Work today, makes me rethink on people. pt2

Well today wasn't that bad of a day as yesterday but I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be worse. This is not how I wanted to spend valentines!! Id rather be sitting at home eating ice cream.. But anyways here is story #2. Just be caution, it might ramble a bit as I am just telling the story from my head.

So another funny thing happened to me today at work. As I was on the 15 items or less I had a black younger female about in her 30's (code name marsha) have about 24 items. While I was bagging her groceries another white female in her 60's (code name peanut) came up to her and started to yell at her for having too many items. She said something like "Do you know that it is so rude for you to have more that 15 items in an express lane?" and marsha replied "you know how rude it is to lash out at me like that??" and then it escalated from there. Marsha kept saying "lets take this outside" after everything Peanut said and she replied "do I have to call the police?? my boyfriend is a cop" and I just sat there doing my job. It kept going on and on and until I got to her order of only 2 items they started to say sorry. And while Marsha left she said to Peanut that she will meet her out in the parking lot. And after that, She left and Peanut started to lash at me saying "why didn't you stop this from happening" and I replied, "ma'am its not my job to stop a fight". so she left in anger and the day was fine the rest of the night. I was a bit shaken up because I get kind of nervous in them situations.

And just a update on the story from yesterday, it may have not seemed all so bad but the daughter was pregnant. In minnesota more babies == more money on foodstamps. That's what angers me. Teenagers getting pregnant just for more government cheese.

oh it feels so good to get that off my chest. valentines day tomorrow!!!!!! and i have to work... this year is the 18th straight year of me being alone. hurray!.. now that i am older it feels kind of bad now.. all the girls i like have a barrier that keeps me from getting to them like shyness and well.. marriage.


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