Friday, February 12, 2010

Work today, makes me rethink on people.

Now I just need to rant this out. I mean is this really how society is getting today? Okay so today at work I was on the express lane (15 items or less) and what really, really, REALLY makes me mad is when people buy a bunch of candy and stuff THEY DON'T NEED with there foodstamps. What really angers me is that WHAT THERE BUYING WITH. FOODSTAMPS is for people who can't make it through because of money issues. Foodstamps is a card full of money only to be used on food, this money is given out from the government from the tax payers money. AND WHAT DO I PAY 50$ A PAYCHECK? TAX! It just boils me to see my hard earned money go to waste.

Anyways a couple of stories tonight, one being of a sad sad foodstamps story and another a quiet interesting one. Then some good news! :D But first, what saddens me the most is seeing young people use foodstamps. BY YOUNG I mean like lets say 14,15 year old kids. Today a black female came in with her black daughter and was buying some food (good stuff, no junk) and what ripped me to shreds is that the mother was teaching her daughter how to use foodstamps. I MEAN CMON!! TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN THAT THEY WILL BE SLUTS AND LIVE OFF OF TAXPAYERS MONEY??!? This is exactly why I want to move out of minnesota. No Joke, they give it to easy to people. Now why I almost freaked out is because I have seen this before, and it aint pretty.

Okay I will continue to write the other one tomorrow, it will be funnier. But in the mean time, zeeky if you are reading this, I HAVE STARTED BACK WORK ON THE MOD!!!! YAYY!!!! be hoping to get contacted soon!! im just finishing up UVW unwrapping the model and is coming with some concepts.